November 29, 2018


Abortion facilities closing at unprecedented rate, says new report by Carole Novielli 

Lower-Court Decisions Reveal Roe v. Wade’s Extremism by Howard Slugh

Abortionist Defends Killing Babies: “A Fetus Needs Permission to Reside in a Uterus” by Micaiah Bilger


State Department Continues Its Cruel War On Adoption Agencies by Jayme Metzgar – “As America celebrates National Adoption Month, international adoption remains in jeopardy and countless adoptions are stuck in limbo.”

Why Parents Should Be Able To Adopt The 700,000 Frozen Embryos IVF Has Left Behind by Jonathan Lange – “With her entire being, she told me that she was no longer a faceless statistic. She is a real person who has been freed from years in a frozen prison.”


Meet the father of one thousand kids by Michael Cook

Michelle Obama May Have Chosen IVF, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should by Stephanie Gray – “Michelle Obama’s vulnerability can encourage others facing similar struggles to open up. It can also encourage them to view IVF as a viable option. But is it a moral one?”

Gene Engineered Babies: ‘Shoot First, Ask Questions Later’ Science by Wesley J. Smith


Under Christmas Attack by Paul David Tripp


Assisted Suicide and Manipulating the Vulnerable – A Cautionary Tale from Down Under by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – No matter what advocates claim, in the end, assisted suicide will eventually lead to the most vulnerable among us being pressured to die.

Family Living

Video: Hysterical Moment That Confused Baby Meets Twins

Fetal Development

Baby who underwent pioneering spinal surgery in the womb born healthy


Media Quotes Wrong Bill To Scaremonger About Ohio’s Heartbeat Legislation by Sarah St. Onge – “Melodramatic headlines that make pro-lifers seem hypocritical are straight out of the mainstream media playbook, designed to deceive. In this case it’s more overt than usual.”

The Judge Was Right: It’s States’ Job, Not The Feds’, To Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation by Margot Cleveland – “It should go without saying that FGM is a horrific form of child abuse. That said, Bernard Friedman reached the correct legal conclusion in dismissing the FGM and conspiracy charges.”

Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

At 150 years old, CPH “very much alive” by Kim Plummer Krull

Lutherans For Life Resources at CPH

Worldview and Culture

2 Big Barriers to Christian Hospitality by Rosaria Butterfield