November 23, 2015


SICK! ABC’s “Scandal” Sets Main Character’s Abortion to “Silent Night” by Alexa Moutevelis Coombs

Death never takes a holiday for Planned Parenthood by Dave Andrusko – “Profaning the sacred is second nature”

NFL star hired a hitman to kill his girlfriend and unborn baby–now his son is 16 by Lisa Bourne

A Single Mom of 5 Kids Almost Aborted This Beautiful Baby. But She Found Help by Micaiah Bilger


In landmark decision, British justice authorizes starving and dehydrating patient in a “minimally conscious state” by Dave Andrusko

Family Living

How to raise truly thankful kids by Jeannie Cunnion

Worldview and Culture

PC-Religion Is Dumbing-Down Sunday Schools by Dr. Paul De Vries – “Can Real Sunday School Be Resurrected?”

Like Most People, President Obama Gets The Crusades Wrong by Greg Scandlen – “President Obama, like many nowadays, think it’s fair to equate Islamist terrorism with the medieval Crusades. It’s not.”

Can the Government Take Away Our Freedom? by Christopher Esget