November 20, 2017


Abandoned at Birth, Adopted to Life by Stephanie Curry

My Son Has Been Stuck in a Russian Orphanage for 5 Years by Courtney Clarke, as told to Ashley Edwards Walker – “Josh and I knew we wanted to start our family through adoption, but we never imagined politics would get in the way.”


Nitschke designs new euthanasia machine with detachable coffin
by Michael Cook

Judge orders jury to clear man of murder after he killed his diabetic father with lethal smoothie

Family Living

Pregnant Mom Wakes Up From Coma Three Months After Delivering Her Baby by Micaiah Bilger

Miracle Baby Survives Miscarriage and Abortion and is Born Healthy by Micaiah Bilger

Sexual Purity

In the Age of Sexual Misconduct, How Is Mike Pence a Problem? by David French

Movies – Television – Video

“Casablanca” – 75 Years Later by Elliot Resnick

Worldview and Culture

Progressives hate everything old, including the elderly by Jonathon Van Maren

What’s Inside DC’s New $800 Million, Theme-Park-Influenced Museum Of The Bible by Josh Shepherd – “Even skeptics are wowed by the high-tech museum. Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Kennicott called Museum of the Bible ‘stocked with historic treasures.’”

Video: Grumpy Old Man Plays Santa In Sweet Christmas Ad

Video: Granny With Alzheimer’s Remembers How To Yodel