November 2, 2018


FDA Investigating Mail-Order Abortion Pill Company As Access Grows by Liz Wolfe – “Every pro-life person should be concerned about the growing trend in easy-access abortion pills, delivered to your doorstep.”

New Evidence Suggests Planned Parenthood Lied To Congress About Aborted Baby Part Profits by Nicole Russell – “The Center for Medical Progress submitted evidence to a federal judge to back up a new accusation Planned Parenthood may have lied to Congress.”

What’s the Real Issue behind the Abortion Debate? by Russell D. Moore

Midwife on NIPT for Down’s syndrome: “the purpose of the test is for terminations”

Abortion Cases That Could Impact Roe by Bradley Mattes

Abortion Doulas – Turning Language on its Head by Eric Metaxas & Anne Morse – “Abortion activists like to use the same words we pro-lifers use, but they’re using an entirely different dictionary. Case in point: the word ‘doula.'”


Pro-Life Principles in Action: Couple Fosters 65, Adopts 4 by Bradley Mattes

Video: Adoption Language 101


Gavin Newsom Helped Mother’s Assisted Suicide by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

How to Have Happy Teens – Community and Real—not Virtual—Reality by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “What do happy teenagers do? Perhaps the easiest way to answer that question is to ID what they don’t do!”

Video: Shark Tank Brought To Tears As Kids Pitch Late Firefighter Dad’s Product


Fathers, sons, and the sexual revolution we really need by Patrick F. Fagan – “We have got sex so wrong. Rebuilding starts with men.”


Kondopoga, Russia Language Camps – First Day in 2 Years! – From our friends at East European Missions Network

Church, we need to talk about abortion by Dave Brennan – In October “the first reading of a bill to decriminalize abortion passed successfully in Parliament by a significant 208-123 votes. The motion seeks to remove most legal restrictions on abortion in England and Wales, and would impose a similar legal framework on Northern Ireland. Pauline Peachey, who had an abortion 50 years ago, tells the founder of anti-abortion charity Brephos about the impact it has had on her life.”

Movies – Television – Video

Reporter in “Gosnell” movie based on LCMS member Mollie Ziegler Hemingway by Cheryl Magness

Media Censors “Gosnell” Movie, But It Gets a 98% Audience Approval at Rotten Tomatoes by Dave Andrusko


A Message From the President: YOU are the Babies’ Secret Weapon by Bradley Mattes

Ireland: Pro-life politician suspended from party for voting against abortion bill

Sexual Purity

Survey: The Happiest Marriages Involve The Least Premarital Sex by Kenny Xu – “New evidence suggests that our culture’s laissez-faire attitudes toward premarital sex can spoil our marriages later in life.”

Worldview and Culture

Living quietly in a loud world by Malinda Meadows

How Public Schools Indoctrinate Kids Without Almost Anyone Noticing by Auguste Meyrat – “Teaching the value of free thought matters now more than ever. Unfortunately, most American public schools take the opposite approach.”

Are Women Real? – The Impending Clash Between Feminism and Transgenderism by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “A war is a-brewing… between those that have long battled for women’s rights and activists who deny the biological realities of sex and gender.”

Yeah, You Need to Go to Church by Peter Heck