November 19, 2015


Video: 40 Days for Life: Saving Lives in Croatia

In the midst of horror in Paris, man risks own life to save pregnant woman dangling from window by Dave Andrusko

“Hush”: the breast cancer risk we don’t mention by Barbara Kay – “A new documentary film challenges the official silence on abortion risk.”

Just another member of the patriarchy by Caroline Farrow – “One ambivalent young man is no match for the abortion merchants.”

Lies, Stats and Coat Hangers: Self-Induced Abortion by Bradley Mattes

Failed abortion: My daughter is beautiful, but she was a mistake by Justina Van Maren

Salon freaks out over pro-lifers holding journalists to standards by Calvin Freiburger


Congo Releases 72 Adopted Children to Families in US, Europe After 2-Year Wait by Samuel Smith

Adoption: the hope for orphans around the world by Joleigh Little


Repro-Technology Artificial Conception & Its Discontents by Mark Oshinskie 


Never Enough Death for Euthanasia Fanatics by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Lessons from a sexting scandal by Carolyn Moynihan – “Lesson #1: some people think there’s no scandal at all.”


Sen. Lee Defends Resolution to Honor Crisis Pregnancy Centers: “If That’s Divisive, We’ve Got Significant Problems” by Lauretta Brown

Worldview and Culture

6 Church Types That Try to Avoid Culture Wars by Wallace Henley

Justin Bieber Stops His Show to Pray for Paris – “Often criticized for his ‘bad boy’ behavior, Justin Bieber stops his tour to pray for the victims of November 13th.”

Good Parenting Summed Up In 15+ Pics

Idolatry of the Bible by Avery Foley

Is the West’s ideological commitment to abortion and sexual “rights” robbing our nations of the strength to resist evil terrorist agenda? by John Smeaton

Seven Things You Can’t Do as a Moral Relativist by Greg Koukl