November 18, 2016


Abortion: Another Word for Failure by Dr. Jean Garton

SPUC launches new video to save the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution


Council reviews decision to ban Christian couple from adopting by Antony Bushfield

Audio: Families can give kids families during National Adoption Month – While focusing on adoption through foster care in Southwest Minnesota, most states and many county agencies offer similar services. Find out what is available in your area.


Opening Darwin’s Black Box – Behe’s Bestseller Turns 20 by Eric Metaxas – “Two decades ago, one scientist wrote a book that changed the way we talk about evolution. And his argument is still making waves.”

Family Living

The Truth about Miscarriage- Grieving the Loss of an Embodied Spirit by John Stonestreet – “Millions of women experience the profoundly painful tragedy of miscarriage. How we respond to them says a lot about us and our worldview.”

Nevada, Iowa, Woman Starts Blog and Friends Help Raise Money in Journey with Infertility by Marlys Barker – The national office of Lutherans For Life is in Nevada, Iowa.

7 Proven Ways To Stop Complaining And Enjoy Your Toddlers by Anna Mussmann – “Our willingness to lump an enormous diversity of individuals into a single negative stereotype would be considered inexcusable if the victims weren’t so small and covered in peanut butter.”

A Non-Argumentative Teen Is a Happy One by Dr. John Rosemond

Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N? – Presented by John Rosemond


Donald Trump, Same-Sex “Marriage,” and the Church by Michael Brown

It’s Time to Take Action for the Unborn by Bradley Mattes

Was Slime on America’s Mind? by Judie Brown

Ignore the Mob. Long Live the Electoral College by David Harsanyi

Sharing the Mission of Lutherans For Life

Lutherans For Life: more than an anti-abortion group

LFL conference underscores imminent sanctity-of-life issues by Roger Drinnon

Worldview and Culture

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Story of Human Trafficking in Iowa by Jodi Whitworth

Why The Left Is Going Bonkers On InterVarsity’s Affirmation Of Marriage by Ryan Hammill – “InterVarsity is suddenly a target. Yet many other organizations hold similar ethical stances, and even more forcefully, and are not being protested. So what’s this about?”

Triumph of the Whine by Ed Morrow

The Slacker Mandate and the Safety Pin Generation by Michelle Malkin

The Electoral College Preserves Inclusion by Arnold Ahlert – “We’re not a democracy, we’re a constitutional republic.”

Cliff Barrows, one of Billy Graham’s closest friends, dies aged 93 by Antony Bushfield

What Will Happen to Me If I Don’t Attend Church?