November 15, 2018


Planned Parenthood President Avoids The Word ‘Abortion’ In Debut Interview by Liz Wolfe – “CBS journalists allowed Leana Wen to uncritically repeat Planned Parenthood talking points in a softball interview her first day on the job.”

Saving Some, Killing Others – Prenatal Surgery Exposes Abortion for What It Really Is by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “In an age of prenatal medical breakthroughs—and I mean incredible breakthroughs—it’s hard to imagine how abortion can still be considered healthcare.”

Killing by Mail – Why We Need to Make Abortion Unthinkable by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Abortion clinics are facing a new challenge, but this time it’s not from the pro-life movement. Mail order abortion pills could be a game changer.”

“You’re Pro-Birth, Not Pro-Life” Is Just a Terrible Argument by Peter Heck


Is Attendance at the Ark Encounter Dwindling?

Crisis Pregnancy

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Offer Hope and Healing by Bradley Mattes


Dutch doctor who euthanized woman who “didn’t want to die” faces prosecution

Q&A on DNR and Feeding Tube

Family Living

There Is No Such Thing As An Unwanted Baby by Helen Raleigh – “Infertility issues and infant loss plague so many couples who hope to have children. Don’t take your child for granted—choose life.”

Young Americans Aren’t Too Poor To Have Kids. They’re Just Chicken by Jessica Burke – “They are scared they’ll lose themselves, that it will be too hard, that they’ll never get back the life they are enjoying. The opposite is true.”

Movies – Television – Video

Dan Crenshaw Teaches Great Lessons on “Saturday Night Live” by Timothy Meads 


Maybe We Need a Civic Hippocratic Oath by Victor Davis Hanson

Sexual Purity

School Punishes Male Teacher For Refusing To Watch A Naked Girl In The Boys’ Locker Room by Joy Pullman – “A Florida school district allowed a self-described transgender female student access to the boys’ locker room, with no warning to parents. The first time she walked in, she caught ‘boys (literally) with their pants down.'”

Audio: “God does not want us to have sex with ourselves!” – “Jill Southern of Ellel Ministries answered your questions on the rights and wrongs of sex for a heterosexual Christian married couple. You didn’t agree with everything she shared so listen back to draw your own conclusions.”

Worldview and Culture

Divided We Stumble – Working-Class Actions & Educated Screw-Ups by James M. Kushiner

Dispute Between Michelle Obama And Donald Trump Shows Our Need To Forgive by Mollie Hemingway – “There is something even honorable in the loyalty they each show, one to her family and the other to the military. Still, both would be well advised to avoid saying they will ‘never forgive.'”

Using Transgender Arguments, Dutch Man Demands Birth Certificate Say He’s 20 Years Younger by Georgi Boorman – “I want to change my age. My feeling about my body and about my mind is that I’m about 40 or 45.”

The gender identity phantom by Michael K. Laidlaw – “Medical treatment for gender change is dangerous and unscientific, says an endocrinologist”

Learning How to Think by Margaret Manning Shull 

In An America This Ignorant, It’s No Wonder We Struggle To Stay Free by Stella Morabito – “Too many Americans don’t really know what our rights and freedoms mean.”

Share it! – Ideas for observing Thanksgiving

Pray for the Persecuted Church