November 14, 2017


Pro-Lifers Don’t Oppose Abortion Because It Causes Labor Shortages, But Because It’s A Human Rights Atrocity by Cullen Herout – “Instead of explaining why the state has a compelling reason to protect innocent human life, Wisconsin Rep. Scott Allen chose to speak about potential benefits to the economy.”

The Turkey Vulture Scandal by Judie Brown

Automatic prenatal test for Down’s syndrome puts babies at greater risk of being screened out 

How Neighbors Mobilized To Rescue Women From A Brutal Late-Term Maryland Abortuary by Jay Hobbs – “While a late-term abortionist is out of business in Germantown, he says he’ll reopen his deadly practice that has sent at least 10 women to the hospital in ambulances and killed two.”


Christopher Was a Mere 10 Pounds When a Pro-Life Family Adopted Him at Age 6 by Marcy Thompson

Adoption Tax Credit Saved by Both House and Senate by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – “Republicans heed evangelical outcry on tax reform.”

GOP Should Trade Other Pro-Life Laws For The Adoption Tax Credit by Jaoni Wood – “The GOP should first eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, and reduce the amounts adopting families have to pay to government agencies to bring their children home.”

The Adoption Tax Credit and Lessons Learned – Christians, Politics, and Vigilance by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “If you think Christians should avoid politics, then it’s time to learn a lesson from the saga of the Adoption Tax Credit.”


Scientists grow skin to save Syrian boy’s life by Xavier Symons

Crisis Pregnancy

One-hour-old “Baby Hope” left in Safe Haven Box, doing well by Dave Andrusko – “For a busy volunteer fire volunteer fire department ‘this one call made their year”


“I found out my depressed mother had been euthanised when the hospital called about turning over her remains”

Let death be didactic by Michael Cook – What are your thoughts?

MI, KS Push Back Against “Futile Care” Laws by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Why Mommies Matter – Being Present in the First Three Years by Eric Metaxas – “What would you do to enhance your baby’s mental and emotional well-being?”

Should Parents Scrap the Children’s Bible for the Real Thing?

Sexual Purity

Is the Sin of Homosexuality Singled Out? by Alan Shlemon

Worldview and Culture

Why Progressives win, and why Christians will change that by John Reasnor

How to Deal with a Joy Thief by Jamaal Williams

Great Minnesota talent: On November 4th, my daughter Eva and friends and I enjoyed a production of “James and Giant Peach/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School. The technical director of the show was Jason Jasperson—a very talented New Ulm, Minnesota artist (JJJaspersen Studios / While at the show I learned that Jason did the artwork for a new book based on Martin Luther’s great hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” My copy arrived yesterday. It’s an impressively illustrated book for older children and adults.

Related: This devotion was in my inbox this morning:

Appreciating the Artists by Rev. Mark Jeske