November 11, 2016


4 Ways To Stop Arguing About Abortion And Start Preventing It by Cara Valle – “If you’re tired of arguing until you’re blue in the face and want to make a difference, here are four constructive, non-rabid channels where you can direct your energies.”

Why don’t “pro-choicers” want to talk about abortion coercion? by Calvin Freiburger


Hormonal Birth Control Is Too Dangerous To Dispense Without A Prescription by Arina O. Grossu and Patricia Livengood – “Given what we now know about the health dangers of hormonal birth control, making it available without a prescription is a troubling public health policy driven by politics, not science.”


The Election, the Culture, and the Church – Where Are We, and Where are We Headed? by John Stonestreet – “So have you recovered from Election Night 2016? I hope so, but either way, it has still presented us with a lot to think and talk about.”

Voters in the Shadows by Erick Erickson

Politics and religion (and silence and sin) by Trevaris Tutt

Tim Kaine Mangles Parable, Compares Hillary To God by Daniel Payne

Worldview and Culture

Veterans Day 2016 – How Grateful are We? by Eric Metaxas – “Today a grateful nation marks Veterans Day. But how grateful are we, truly?”

The unbearable smugness of the press by Will Rahn

What’s Worse Than Government Banning Speech? Making You Say Things You Don’t Support by Kyle Sammin – “When we refuse to acquiesce in a state policy, we remind the world that not everyone agrees. In compelling speech on these subjects, the state forces that disagreement into the shadows.”

What Happened to Kindness? by Randy Raasch