May 4, 2018


YouTube Suspends Abortion Pill Reversal Explainers As “Harmful,” “Dangerous” Content by Danielle White

The Ugly Business of Planned Parenthood by Bradley Mattes

After the Abortion

British Pregnancy Advisory Service: post-abortion trauma is a “completely fabricated condition”


As You Would Have Others Do by Pastor Ken Klaus

Who are you, Jesus? by Pastor Mark Jeske


Q & A on Life Support

Are You Ready? – A Look at Preparing for Death by Rev. Robert Fleischmann

The Push to Starve Dementia Patients Appears in the New York Times by Wesley J. Smith

Fetal Development

Miracle Babies Like Emlyn Prove Unborn People Aren’t “Blobs Of Tissue” by Nicole Russell – “Premature babies can now survive and thrive, even when they’re born at an incredibly young gestational age.”

New Device Lets Pregnant Moms Take Ultrasound Pictures of Their Baby on Their Phone by Micaiah Bilger

Sexual Purity

Evangelicals and Assisted Reproductive Technology – What Is Sex For? by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “The brilliant T.S. Elliot once observed that before we know what to do with something, we need to know what it’s for. That applies even to sex.” 

Worldview and Culture

Alfie Evans’ case shows that basic English rights are at risk by Noemie Emery

The Monarch Failed Alfie Evans by Josh Goldstein – What are your thoughts? Do you believe the criticism to be fair?

Alfie Evans: the uses and misuses of language by Francis Phillips – “How about having a dispassionate, fact-based debate?”

Catholic Ireland is Dead and Gone by Crawford Gribben – “Irish voters are almost certain to repeal their constitution’s prohibitions on abortion. What then?”

Should the Government Determine a Life’s Value? by Caroline C. Lewis – “What happens when government determines a person’s value? China and the UK offer examples.”

When “Pro-Life” Includes Everything by Josh Holler

Silence the Bible? Good Luck by Peter Heck

Biblical worldview: What is man? by Dr. Joel McDurmon

How Schools Quietly Indoctrinate Your Kids On Abortion And Transgenderism by Matthew Cochran – “It’s not always in exactly what teachers and curricula say as much as how they say it and what they assume. And far too many parents aren’t paying attention.”

Should I Baptize My Baby? by Christian Life Resources