May 23, 2018


What a New York Tragedy Tells Us About the Abortion Debate by Jonathan S. Tobin


The Next Alfie Evans? Parents of Two Children Fight Children’s Hospital’s Attempt to Yank Their Kids’ Life Support by Micaiah Bilger


Ireland’s Momentous Referendum on the Human Rights of the Unborn by Carlos Eire 

Legalizing Abortion in Ireland Is a Recipe for Harm

Ireland Should Continue To Affirm That Pregnancy Equals Motherhood by Timothy M. Jackson – “Ireland currently recognizes that we have a moral obligation to care for all children. The pro-life country should keep it that way.”

“Government and Yes Campaign are exploiting our pain to mislead the Irish people.”

Are we perishing for want of wonder? by Shannon Roberts – “Children are a great antidote.” 


Ed Sheeran Writes Pro-Life Song, Then Gets Mad at Pro-Lifers for Noticing by Peter Heck

Ed Sheeran Should Embrace The Pro-Life Message In His Song “Small Bump” by Bre Payton

Orphan Care

While Kids Wait For Homes, Philadelphia Bars Catholic Social Services From Serving Foster Children by John Daniel Davidson – “By targeting Catholic Social Services, Philadelphia is taking the U.S. Supreme Court’s flawed logic on same-sex marriage to its logical conclusion.”

Fostering Rescue by NR Interview – “Sarah’s foster-care adoption story”


Trump to Cut Funds to Abortion Providers – Title X and Why Politics Can’t Win the Battle for Life by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Last week, the Trump administration moved to cut funds to abortion providers. It was a great move, indeed. But we’ve got a lot more moves to make ourselves.”

Worldview and Culture

BreakPoint: Who Needs God When You’ve Got Government? – Umm . . . We Do by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “We need a surgeon general’s warning: ‘This government program may be hazardous to your spiritual health.’”

Biblical worldview: the Fall and depravity in every area of life by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Can A Pope Change Moral Truth? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Guns Aren’t the Problem. The Collapse of the Morality You Mock is the Problem by Erick Erickson