May 22, 2017


No, Willie Parker, Jesus Would Not Kill Babies In The Womb by Sean Nolan – “That one could claim to represent Jesus by helping ‘desperate women’ snuff out the life in their wombs is doublespeak right from the pages of ‘1984.’”

Joss Whedon Should Support Women’s Humanity, Not Planned Parenthood by Andrea Allen – “I’ve found that some of the ‘freedoms’ Joss Whedon and Planned Parenthood consider necessary actually are ‘wrapped up’ in women’s oppression.”

“Just Google It” Video Exposes Another Planned Parenthood Double Standard by Jay Hobbs – “By sending women to the Internet to look for alternatives to abortion, Planned Parenthood staffers are doing the very thing its lobbyists want stop pro-life pregnancy centers from doing.”

Liberal Village Voice Falsely Claims “The Bible Doesn’t Prohibit Abortion” by Micaiah Bilger

Is Murder Right or Wrong? by Judie Brown

Video: Changing rhetoric in the abortion industry

Even Politifact cannot avoid the truth that PPFA is the biggest abortion provider in the country by Dave Andrusko

Woman Has an Abortion Because She Wants to Party and Go Sailing by Sarah Terzo

Former Abortion Clinic Staffer: Here’s How We De-Emphasized Adoption to Sell Abortions by Sarah Terzo


Audio: Issues, Etc. – The Future of Medical Conscience – Wesley Smith 


The Visitor


Congressman Gives Eye-Popping Lecture on the Problems With Legalizing Assisted Suicide by Tony Perkins

Family Living

Men Are Becoming The Weaker Sex, And That’s A Problem For Everyone by Glenn T. Stanton – “Manhood doesn’t happen naturally. Manhood is a behavior and essence that must be taught, an identity that must be bestowed by a boy’s family and the larger community of men.”

How We Got Our Children to Do Chores by Dr. John Rosemond

Video: Normal Day For Mom Is Extraordinary For Baby Girl


Audio: Issues, Etc. – Fatherhood – Dr. Meg Meeker

Movies – Television – Video

Video: Tim Tebow gives young woman a moment she’ll never forget on “The Tonight Show” by Bryan Chai

Worldview and Culture

We are Going Insane by Wesley J. Smith

Where Do Your Children Stand? The Importance of Position Papers by Jenni Zimmerman

7 Tips For Moving From College Into The Professional World by Margot Cleveland – “What new college graduates really need is practical guidance on how to transition to the professional world. So here is some.”

God’s Word: The Authority Over Us by Avery Foley

High school bans pro-life club, allows gay club by Fr. Mark Hodges

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always : The story behind Robert Munsch’s classic children’s story by Rai Rojas

School to Teacher: Don’t Pray for your Colleagues by Tony Perkins

What pro-lifers stand for by Paul Stark