March 7, 2018


Fact Check Web Site Politifact Claims Whether Abortion Kills Babies is a “Disputed” Fact by Tim Graham

The Mexico City Policy Works – So of Course Abortion Advocates Can’t Stand It by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “When abortion advocates complain about a policy morning, noon, and night—that’s a win!”

For Babies with Down Syndrome, Quality of Life Looks up by Tony Perkins

Planned Parenthood is racist, must be defunded: black former PP director by Carole Novielli

Didn’t Think Planned Parenthood Could Get More Evil? Check This Out by Peter Heck

Reflections on the anniversary of Dred Scott and its uncanny parallels to Roe v. Wade by Dave Andrusko


“Adoption Option”: Please Listen to This 24-Year-Old by Kathryn Jean Lopez


Dawkins Wants to Eat Human “Meat” by Wesley J. Smith 


Tables Overturned by Rev. Ken Klaus


U.S. Bioethicist Supports Child Euthanasia by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Choosing Life Over the Olympics – The Miki Ando Story by Eric Metaxas & Anne Morse – “What would you have given to become an Olympic athlete? One famous Japanese figure skater knows what she wouldn’t give.”

Video: 108-Year-Old Meets Great-Great-Grandson

Movies – Television – Video

The PBS Special On Mr. Rogers Is A Much Needed Reminder Of Kinder Times by Julie Kelly – “If we ever needed a heavy dose of American nostalgia courtesy of a soft-spoken gentleman in a homemade sweater, it’s now.”

Worldview and Culture

Why God? – Part 2 by Greg Koukl

Why Secular Leftists Are Half-Right about “Thoughts & Prayers” by Ragan Ewing

“When Harry Became Sally” – A Sound, Compassionate Response to the Transgender Movement by John Stonestreet & Stan Guthrie – “What was once unthinkable has become unquestionable. And so, every Christian must know how to engage this transgender moment.”

Jordan Peterson explains why boys become school shooters – and it’s not “toxic masculinity” by Dorothy Cummings

Dr. Warren Farrell Explains The Boy Crisis by Rachel Alexander

Our young people aren’t talking about God. Here’s what the Church should do by Dr. Lucie Shuker – “New research suggests the Church needs to develop a new kind of apologetics in order to reach 16-19 year olds”

Here’s The Playbook Organizers Are Using As They Scheme To Take Down The NRA by David Hines – “Organizing isn’t magic. The political campaign against the NRA is the result of a massive amount of hard work and planning.” – An interesting read that offers insight to many issues of concern and conflict in our society.

Court Ruling Could Banish Memorial Crosses from Arlington Cemetery by Todd Starnes

5 Troubling Lessons For America From Ancient Rome by John Hawkins