March 4, 2019


No uterus, no opinion? by Michael Robinson

Here’s What Data Suggest Is The Most Effective Damper On Abortion Rates by Christopher Humphrey – “We can’t prove (yet) that pregnancy help is the main thing driving the drop in abortion numbers in the United States, but it is certainly a chief candidate for study.”

Abortion and the Church

LCMS Council of Presidents signs Harrison’s abortion statement by Cheryl Magness


Bioethicists Urge Animal Research into Male Uterus Transplants by Wesley J. Smith


God’s Hidden Purposes in Your Suffering by Leah Baugh

Family Living

The Tree of Life – The Quantum Mechanics of a Melting Pot by James M. Kushiner


NYT Op-Ed Deceptively Confuses Preemies With Babies Born Alive After Abortion by Margot Cleveland – “Sen. Ben Sasse’s bill merely requires a medical team to treat a survivor of abortion the same as Jen Gunter’s doctors treated her three premature babies.”

Worldview and Culture

Audio: Why Do Christians Know So Little About Church History? by Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz – “The necessity for Christians to know the history of the church is discussed.”

Paula Schlueter Ross retires after nearly 35 years at “Reporter” by Megan Mertz – Paula Ross is a wonderful woman who has written numerous stories about Lutherans For Life. Paula also attended many LFL conferences over the years.

Disabled Dancers Take the Stage

SATIRE – Why My Wife And I Decided To Abort Our Unborn Gay Son by Stephen Lavedas – “Even Richard Dawkins tweeted it would be immoral to have a child who would suffer because of his genetics. I’m sure we’re on solid ground here.”