March 29, 2018

What do you mean, “Maundy”? by Pastor Mark Jeske


Pro-life students plan abortion protest after school shooting walkout by Susan Michelle-Hanson

Abortion Activists “Trust Women” to Kill a Baby Before Birth. Why Not After? by Rachel Crawford

New statistics show that 21.7% of all conceptions in England and Wales led to legal abortion in 2016

Planned Parenthood: “We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion” by Calvin Freiburger


State Dept. Regulations Make International Adoption Harder by Nate Harder – “Children will not otherwise simply grow up happily ever after in their home countries.”


Scientists are Genetically Editing Human Beings in Labs and No One is Monitoring Them by Wesley J. Smith


What happens when a patient says, “Doc, help me die” by E. Wes Ely

Qualifying for Euthanasia by Self-Starvation in Canada by Wesley J. Smith


Your Status Update by Linda Buxa

What do you mean, “Maundy”? by Pastor Mark Jeske

Family Living

Spiritual Fasting by Marie MacPherson

Defined by Marriage by Jonathan Conner


The passion and the beauty: why Easter music will send a shiver up your spine by Thomas Breeze – “The best-loved, most enduring, and most ethereally transcendent pieces.”


Congress Funds Planned Parenthood – Congressional Lucies, Evangelical Charlie Browns? by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Our GOP-majority Congress just forked over $500 million to Planned Parenthood. Have we been duped?”

It’s Beyond Disgusting That Republicans Haven’t Cut Planned Parenthood’s Subsidies Yet by Nicole Russell – “Republicans yet again voted to fund an organization that aborts babies and spends taxpayer dollars to boot conservatives from office. What gives?”