March 29, 2017


251 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign by Shawn Carney 

California’s Radical Pro-Abortion Regime by Wesley J. Smith

California Wants To Imprison Pro-Lifers For Committing Journalism by Mollie Hemingway – “California says undercover journalists who recorded conversations at conferences and in restaurants violated laws against eavesdropping.”

Shocking Video: Planned Parenthood Director Caught Admitting Babies Born Alive After Abortion are Killed by Steve Ertelt

Trump Should Ask Denmark’s PM Why His Government Is Promoting Genocide by Georgi Boorman – “Denmark has boasted that 98 percent of their Down Syndrome babies were aborted in 2014, and say they hope to be ‘Down Syndrome free’ in the next 10 years.”


Dogs Detect Cancer from Bandage by Wesley J. Smith

Audio: Issues, Etc. Interview – The Possibility of Producing Synthetic Embryos – Wesley Smith

Christian Responsibility

Stewardship Really Begins by Receiving by Karl Galik


Canadian surgeons harvesting organs from euthanized patients by Michael Cook – “Dozens of patients in Ontario have already donated organs and tissue”


5 Reasons To Stop Calling Dads Of Unborn Babies A “Father To Be” by Jonathan Graham – “The human in utero is fully human, and when we casually dismiss this tiny, precious human, we dismiss and disrespect so much more of the human experience.”

Fetal Development

Unborn baby shown clapping along to “If you’re happy and you know it” by Dave Andrusko

Worldview and Culture

Why Public Schools Will Always Include Religious Indoctrination by Russell Dawn – “Public schools were created explicitly to reinforce the dominant religious beliefs of American culture. Those beliefs used to be Protestant, but are now secular. Both are religions.”

10 Ways The Transgender Push Mirrors The Lobotomy Craze by Renee Gardner – “We can learn a lot by looking back at history. Here I revisit the rise and fall of the lobotomy and compare it to today’s enthusiasm for altering children’s bodies to match their gender identities.”

Liberal Fascism Is What Happens Once People Think God Is Dead by Sethu A. Iyer – “Clearly, there is nothing secular about progressivism. Look under the veneer of pseudo-scientific language, and you’re left staring at a fanatically religious mindset.”

The waning authority of Christ in the churches

Why Do Women Need Apologetics? by Erin Benziger