March 21, 2018



People With Down Syndrome Deserve Our Love, Not Genocide by Jonathan Lange – “Killing those with Down syndrome serves no rational purpose. It is a policy born of ignorance and fear. Worse, what it communicates to those so affected is simply unimaginable.”

How Accepting Down Syndrome Frees Everyone To Be Loved When We Become A “Burden” by Elizabeth McCarthy – “People who support aborting Down syndrome children are judging the worth of all who, for whatever reason, cannot stand on their own two feet. One day, that will be all of us.”

Do not be afraid: the truth about Down syndrome by Mark Cooney – “Most people who want to abort babies with trisomy 21 are terribly misled.”

No, Abortion Is Not “Safe” by Nate Jackson – “Despite more research insisting there’s nothing unsafe about it, women and children suffer immensely.”

Abortion Proponents Shovel Fake News About Pregnancy Centers In Advance Of Supreme Court Arguments by Cullen Herout – “NARAL attempts to undermine crisis pregnancy centers by identifying ‘deceptive practices’ they use to lie to and mistreat women. Yet NARAL offers no citations or evidence.”

Here’s What A Man Should Say When Told To “Shut Up” About Abortion by Roland C. Warren – “Too many men have let this argument be the kryptonite that keeps them from getting involved in the pro-life movement as equal partners with women.”


Bucking Trump Deregulation Agenda, State Department Chokes International Adoption by Jayme Metzgar – “Adoption advocates say the State Department is making international adoption rarer and more expensive than ever to consolidate government control over private agencies.”

Family Living

Watch These Moms Sing With Their Children Who Have Down Syndrome by Bre Payton

Fetal Development

Stunning photo of baby at 7 weeks shares humanity of preborn children by Becky Yeh

Why do babies kick in the womb?


What’s At Stake In The Fight Over Ireland’s Pro-Life Eighth Amendment by Holly Scheer – “As Ireland nears a summer referendum on whether to change a constitutional provision ensuring unborn children’s right to life, public demonstrations have broken out.”


Comments Needed on Conscience Proposal

Becerra vs. Free Speech – California’s Law Is Burdensome and Wrong by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Should pregnancy care centers be forced to advertise abortions? California says yes. And soon we’ll see what the Supreme Court has to say.”

Worldview and Culture

The power of a great God to change hearts and minds by Dave Andrusko

Amazing: Developer donates entire building for homeless pregnant women by Cassy Fiano

Immigration, Families, and Jesus – Do We Want a Decent Society? by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Immigration and asylum are tough issues, and there is a lot of disagreement. But there are some things that all Christians should agree on.”

Why You Should Stop Listening To Oprah’s Therapeutic Poopytalk About “Being Yourself” by Inez Feltscher Stepman – “Oprah, the high priestess of telling people what they want to hear, recently advised a 14-year-old girl, ‘The highest honor on earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself.’ False.”

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism: Not Just a Problem with Youth Ministry by Brian Cosby

What Does The Bible Actually Teach About Transgender People? by Eric Teetsel – “Jay Michaelson defends a distinction between sex and gender by building a theology based on biblical examples of people who seem to defy traditional gender norms. It doesn’t work.”

Church forced to remove the word “Jesus” from Easter advert by Eno Adeogun

Isaiah’s Signature? – Archaeology and Scripture by Eric Metaxas & Roberto Rivera – “I will never get tired of telling you about the latest archaeological find that unearths living proof of the Bible’s history.”

Must We All Behave Like Children? by Michael Brown

Is the Church Going to Collapse in America? by Peter Heck