March 16, 2017


The Truth Exposed about Planned Parenthood and abortion by Lynda Bell

WATCH: Planned Parenthood VP refuses to say if abortion kills a human by Claire Chretien

In Iceland 100% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Think about that by Lauren Bell

Aberdeen students complain about pro-life poster…in a Catholic Chaplaincy

Canada’s new abortion pill isn’t safe for women

Pro-lifers took Peru’s capital by storm… for a dance party! by Steve Weatherbe

Abortion Activists Kill Baby Jesus in Graphic Abortion on Virgin Mary Outside Catholic Church by Steven Ertelt

Feminists stage bloody fake abortion on woman dressed as Virgin Mary by Claire Chretien 

Abortion Sanctuary Cities Threaten Conscience Rights by Kim Ketola

Scientifically Clueless Pro-Abortion Legislator Wants to Fine Men for Masturbating as “Act Against Unborn Child” by Micaiah Bilger

Pro-Abortion Legislator Who Wants to Fine Men for Masturbating Files Bill to Force Rectal Exams by Micaiah Bilger


Gov Stops Faith-Based Adopt-Shun

Video: Little Boy Finds Out He’s Gonna Be a Big Brother—of 5


River to Receive Human-Type Rights? by Wesley J. Smith


Female Physicist Creates World’s First Government-Approved Birth Control App by Ashley Bateman – “If approved in the United States, Natural Cycles would provide Americans a drug-free alternative in a market saturated with hormonal and abortive birth control.”


Second Thoughts on Assisted Suicide – Canadian Doctors Balk by John Stonestreet – “If ‘assisted death’ is such a good thing, why are so many Canadian doctors having second thoughts?”

Assisted Suicide Loses in New Mexico by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Why Are Millennials Having So Much Less Sex Than Their Grandparents Did? by Joy Pullman – “A new study finds millennials are having far less sex than their older counterparts, and that the ‘marriage advantage’ of more frequent sex compared to singles has dramatically declined.”

Fetal Development

Is an Unborn Baby a Human Being? Planned Parenthood: “It’s Up to Each Individual to Decide”

Science confirms that human life begins at fertilization by Luke Faulkner

No, An Embryo Is Not Inhuman Like “A Sack Of Almonds” by Daniel Payne – “Science confirms that human life begins at conception, even if the pro-choice movement tends to look upon this as if it were some kind of witchcraft chant.”

Tiny preemie reaches out for contact and comfort by Dave Andrusko

Worldview and Culture

Pro-lifers “are the antidote to the present darkness”

The Family Behind That Viral BBC Interview Is Speaking Out for the First Time by Megan Friedman – “She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day.”

Some on the Left Now Criticize the Students They Created by Dennis Prager

Irreconcilable Differences: Conservatives and Liberals Are Worlds Apart on Worldview by Dr. Richard Land

The Winning Side by Mark Rushdoony