March 1, 2016


Planned Parenthood Spends $137 Million to Promote Abortion Worldwide by Jonathan Abbamonte

Zika and Abortion Part II – History is Rhyming by John Stonestreet – “American abortion advocates are using the Zika virus as an excuse to spread abortion in Latin America. We’ve seen this movie before.”

Groningen U Slogan Should Be “We Kill Babies” by Wesley J. Smith

What Abortion Looks Like

Video: Former abortionist is changing minds on abortion

After the Abortion

When silence becomes lethal by Debby Efurd


Discrimination of the vilest kind by Paul Russell

Fetal Development

VIDEO: Incredible moment baby born inside amniotic sac takes first breath

Family Living

Miscarriage – Comfort in a Time of Loss

Movies – TV – Video

Movie Review: Risen by Ted Giese


Pulpit Freedom by Abbot Tryphon

Worldview and Culture

5 things to do when your Christian role model commits a huge sin

Stopping the Culture of Death trajectory by Judie Brown