June 8, 2018


Title X Rule Will Force Planned Parenthood to Stop Covering for Abuse by Lila Rose – “The abortion group has failed to report instances of sexual abuse of minors and should be forced to comply with federal law.”

Court Splits Baby In Case Involving Illegal Minor Seeking A U.S. Abortion by Bre Payton


Transitions: Why are they hard, and what can we do? by Zoila Lopez


Bullying by Abbot Tryphon


On Bourdain and the American Suicide Crisis by Wesley J. Smith


Ireland voted to deny science by Brooke Stanton

Court Says Northern Ireland Law Protecting Babies From Abortion is “Incompatible With Human Rights” by Micaiah Bilger


Being a Good Dad in a Fatherless Generation by Scott L. Keith

Movies – Television – Video

Love Thy Neighbor as Mister Rogers Did by Kenneth R. Morefield – “A new documentary shows how a gentle Presbyterian minister turned TV inside out.”


U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Christian cake shop owner by Cheryl Magness

A Footnote In The Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Ruling Bodes Ill For Religious Liberty by John Daniel Davidson – “Don’t be fooled by the Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling. A menacing view of the First Amendment lurks in the details of the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.”

Sexual Purity

Audio: Former Hindu speaks about celibacy – “Bobbi Kumari, author of ‘Sacred Sexuality,’ grew up in a Hindu family but when she gave her life to Christ she didn’t find it easy to stay pure. She shares her story of an exploration into the difference between love and lust with Maria Rodrigues.”

Shame and Grace in a #METOO Culture

Planned Parenthood Shares “Sex Is Hot” Ads With Teen Girls by Scott Olson – “Having sex? You deserve sex ed!”

The Pornification of Everything by Scott Beauchamp – “The New York Times gets it wrong. It’s our culture that’s the problem, not the content of the porn itself.”

Worldview and Culture

The Japanese Pregnancy Rotation System by Jonathan Abbamonte – “Some Female Employees Are Being Told to Take Turns Having Kids”

No, Amazon Tribes Should Not Be Allowed To Kill Their Children by John Daniel Davidson – “If you thought that cultural relativism on the Left would stop at the ritual slaughter of innocent children, you were wrong.”

UMC Minnesota Conference Removes ‘Father’ From Apostles’ Creed for Worship Service by Michael Gryboski

The Pro-Life Movement Will Not Be Silenced by Bradley Mattes