June 27, 2016


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Blind Justice(s) & Christian Witness
by James M. Kushiner, Executive Director, The Fellowship of St. James
(Source: Email, The Fellowship of St. James, 6/27/16)

Darkness continues in our nation’s capital as the Supreme Court struck down several Texas regulations pertaining to “abortion clinics.” Touchstone Senior Editor Russell Moore comments about the decision:

The abortion industry’s resentment of controls and accountability is not just a feature of post-Roe v. Wade politics. Instead, it’s an ancient kind of self-deception. In our sin, we want to keep our illusions-whatever they are-that enable us to silence the conscience within us. We want to, in short, walk in darkness. That is why ultrasound machines, waiting periods and crisis pregnancy counseling centers are all enemies of the abortion lobby. They each point to the self-evident truth that unborn babies are indeed persons with inalienable human rights.

Avoiding the light is how sinful human beings protect themselves from being exposed.

How are we to respond to this? Pray, yes, but continue to tell the truth at all times. Christianity is all about truth. And Christ is the Truth and the True Light that shines into the darkness exposing all lies wherever it falls. Christians are called to be witnesses, not to mere religious ideas or philosophy, but to the fact that Christ is the Resurrection and the Life, the Head of all things. We are witnesses to this Gospel, which is powerful. Moore:

The gospel pierces through all our efforts at self-justification. In the gospel we hear a word that both condemns our consciences and offers resurrection life. 

Regardless of our circumstances as Christians, we are called to be a witness to the power of the Gospel as fact and truth in our own lives and in the culture. John the Baptist came “for a testimony (martyria), to bear witness (martyresei) of the Light” (John 1:7-8); Jesus told his Apostles they “witnesses [martyres] of these things” (facts) (Luke 24:48)  John ends his Gospel “testifying” (martyron) to “these things,” which are true things. The Gospel is a public truth, glad tidings to be published. John’s Gospel and The Book of Acts are shot full of words with the “martyr” root. “Testimony, testify, bear witness.” 

Martyrdom in this sense is not just the work of Apostles. “Salt and light,” a “city on a hill,” the “light of the world”–Jesus called his followers to showing forth the truth. So, regardless of the times, as John Paul II spoke into the darkness of communism in Poland and invoked the Holy Spirit, saying “Be not afraid,”so Christ tells us to not let our hearts be troubled or afraid. “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness not does overcome it.” (John 1: 5) We must bear witness to what we see, that God is the author of all life and in Christ we shall all be made alive unto eternal life. You, dear reader, are on the winning team and have a part to play.