June 2, 2016


Teacher Pregnant After Sex With 13-Year-Old Student Has Abortion to Hide Sexual Abuse by Micaiah Bilger

Lena Dunham Complains About Seeing Humanity of the Unborn, “Is This the Ultrasound Generation?” by Texas Right to Life

Jewish Actress Natasha Leggero: Great Thing About Judaism is “Abortions are Cool” by Katie Yoder

After the Abortion

Saving Lives Down Under by Bradley Mattes

Finding their voice: Men speaking out about abortion by Olivia Gans Turner

Crisis Pregnancy

2 Surprises on the Road to Hometown Hope by Katie Franklin


Suicide: The Next Civil Rights Frontier by Peter Burfeind – “Only someone tone-deaf to what’s going on in culture will fail to understand how we’re only a few logical steps away from suicide being an act of personal expression.”

Canada Hospital Declares Euthanasia Free Zone by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

A “radical shift in outlook,” brought about by the birth of her daughter, enables mother to let go of the grief at losing her own father by Dave Andrusko

How to Help a Family in Crisis by Misty Krasawski

Why our children are so bored at school, cannot wait, get easily frustrated and have no real friends? by Victoria Prooday

Although the World Is More Complex, There Is No Need for Parental Anxiety by John Rosemond

Do You Love Your Kids More Than You Should? (is that even possible?) by Matthew L. Jacobson

Fetal Development

LEGO Announces New Baby Minifigure With Awesome Ultrasound Image by Micaiah Bilger


3 Stupidest Reactions To David French’s Possible Candidacy by Mollie Hemingway – “The reaction to news that the conservative attorney might launch a presidential bid explains a lot about why good people don’t run for office.”

Sexual Purity

Sex Trafficking by Heather Zeiger

Worldview and Culture

Abandoned in college laundry room, “Baby Jane Doe” graduates 32 years later from same school by Dave Andrusko

Tacky and in poor taste and dehumanizing? Yes by Dave Andrusko

Moloch, American Style by Anthony Esolen

Transgender Activists Use A Child To Bully A Village by D.C. McAllister – “A classical charter in Minnesota will de-sex its bathrooms, institute speech controls, and teach kindergarteners transgender activists’ theories about human sexuality.”