June 10, 2016


A Baby’s Kick Changes Everything About Abortion by Georgi Boorman – “Now that I feel my baby move, it’s as if her existence had been in black and white, and now I see it in color.”

Mum’s viral letter to doctor who told her she should abort baby with Down’s syndrome

The Pro-Abortion Fruit of Common Core by Bradley Mattes

After the Abortion

What Happens When People Share Their Abortion Stories by Cullen Herout – “The ability to tell one’s story is an indispensable part of emotional health. That includes men and women who have suffered from abortion, who shouldn’t be silenced.”


Monster Madness of Our Own Making – Human-Animal Hybrids by John Stonestreet – “Great fiction has warned us of the dangers of playing God with human genetics, but sadly, what’s going on these days isn’t fiction.”

Monkeys Do Not Have a “Stone Age” Culture by Wesley J. Smith 


Personal Integrity by Pastor Mark Jeske

Set Free

Satisfying to Save by Pastor Ken Klaus

Time to Change Your Spiritual Clothes by Pastor Mark Jeske

Do Disabilities Disable Faith? by Pastor Mark Jeske


5 Things I’ve Learned From 10 Years Of Depression by Todd Peperkorn – “If you are suffering with depression, bipolar disorder, or the myriad other mental illnesses that seem to afflict us day by day, know this: you are not alone.”

Family Living

CDC: Babies Born to Unmarried Women Exceeds 40% for 8th Straight Year by Terence P. Jeffrey

Generosity is … taking six children into your family by Carolyn Moynihan – “Faith and friendship flower in a heroic gesture.”

College Prep by Sean McDowell – “How Can Students Stand Strong for Their Faith in College?”

The Immature Generation by Robert Verbruggen – “Why today’s extended adolescence may become a permanent reality.”

Confessions of a Proud Strict Mom by Jo Davis – “I know that, after being so strict, my kids are going to hate me.‚Äč”

Summer chore boot camp by Mary Cooney – “With summer coming, parents can expect to have messier homes.”

Chewbacca Mom Has Received $420K Worth of Gifts Since She’s Gone Viral – Well, that’s one lucrative laugh by Jack Holmes

Movies – Television – Video


“Me Before You” Is Not A Euthanasia Flick by Dovie Eisner – “‘Me Before You’ does not glorify Will’s decision to die—and people, especially those who are pro-life, should watch the film, because it highlights very real issues alive today.”

You Before Me Is Better Than “Me Before You” by Stephanie Gray – “‘Me Before You’ is about becoming an accessory to murder.”

“Me Before You” – People with Disabilities Aren’t Better Off Dead by John Stonestreet – “In a new film audiences are taught it’s better and maybe even more romantic to die than to live with a disability. Some qualified voices strongly protest.”


Christian hymns in Queen’s top 10 favorite songs by Hannah Tooley

I thought It Was Just Another Old Hymn — But Seconds Later? That Is Just INCREDIBLE!


Politico Reporter Mocked and Lied About My Marriage to David French by Nancy French

Do We Make Too Much of Our Presidents? by R. J. Rushdoony

Worldview and Culture

Yes, Trans Bathrooms Represent Progress—That’s The Problem by Greg Weiner – “The Left thinks it’s progress to pretend that human beings won’t do bad things simply because we don’t want them to. Observant people call that pride.”

Plant. Face. Palm. Did Facebook team say Jesus is buried in Church of the Holy Sepulchre? by Terry Mattingly

Would Your Kids Recognize An Ideological Kidnapper? by Anna Mussmann – “Five ways to teach children to enjoy good stories without getting brainwashed.”

Video: Mike Rowe: Graduates, Don’t Follow Your Passion! 

New-Wave Feminists Are Pro-Life Advocates’ Future by David Marcus – “Abortion cannot be legislated away. It must end through a change in our culture.”

Premature Requiems for Religion – We’re Not Dead Yet? by John Stonestreet – “Is religion headed for extinction? Some experts think so. But if you ask me, the funeral planning is premature.”

For Liberals, All’s Fair When Starting a “Conversation” by Jonah Goldberg

The Doubled Edged Sword Of Testimonials by Rev. Evan Mcclanahan