July 3, 2018


Zombie Abortion Arguments – Pro-Death Ideas that Never Die by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “Some arguments for abortion we hear over and over again. They’re easy to refute, and I’ll tell you how.”

Abortion and the Church

When Liberals Who Identity As “Christian” Defend Roe by Ryan Bomberger


Are your children employable? by Pastor Mark Jeske

Christian Friendships by Abbot Tryphon – Food for thought from an Orthodox priest.


The “Zero Suicide” Project Forgets about Assisted Suicide by Wesley J. Smith

Should a person’s younger self be able to decide for them on assisted suicide?

Family Living

“Peter Pan Syndrome” Revisited – Helping Boys Become Men by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “You’ve heard of so-called ‘deadbeat dads.’ Well, welcome to the era of ‘deadbeat sons.'” 

Fetal Development

Do unborn babies prefer Mozart or the YMCA?


Video: Is It Reasonable to Vote Based on “Personal Religious Views”? by Alan Shlemon

7 Reasons It Is Deeply Misleading To Claim Americans Support Roe v. Wade by Charles C. Camosy – “Can answers to a poll question like ‘Do you support Roe v. Wade?’ demonstrate that the public supports the abortion policy Roe requires? Not at all.”

MP shows scan of unborn daughter in Parliament

Worldview and Culture

A Lesson on Liberty from the Little House on the Prairie by Casey Chalk – “One of America’s greatest children’s authors has become the latest casualty of our peculiar project of damnatio memoriae.”

The Genius of Phillis Wheatley – Revolutionary Poet . . . Slave by Eric Metaxas & Anne Morse – “I want to tell you about an amazing revolutionary poet . . . who was a slave.”

The Eternal Meaning of Independence Day – President Calvin Coolidge

Christian Pride by Nick Kammer – What do you think about the word “pride”? See the comments section.