July 20, 2016


This pro-life doctor shut down his local abortionist’s business in the most ingenious way by Pete Baklinski


Adult Stem Cells may eliminate need for hip replacements by Dave Andrusko

Is transhumanism really the world’s most dangerous idea? by Michael Cook – “Step by step, our lives are being absorbed by technology.”


Quebec Can’t Kill Them Soon Enough by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

What to expect when your wife is expecting by Tamara El-Rahi – “Beside an irritable pregnant woman is likely a very patient father-to-be.”


The Father as Mentor to His Sons: 10 Topics for Man-to-Man Discussion by Douglas Lindee


7 Republican Party Platforms That Will Interest Christians by Samuel Smith

Russia: Christians banned from discussing faith outside church by Antony Bushfield

Worldview and Culture

Blessed Are the Persecuted by Ryan MacPherson

Christian Apologist Josh McDowell: I Was Raped From Age 6 and I Wanted to Die by Brandon Showalter