July 2, 2018


Why The Supreme Court’s Ruling Will Protect All Pregnancy Centers From Forcibly Promoting Abortion by Margot Cleveland – “The majority opinion in NIFLA provides crisis pregnancy centers a nearly impenetrable protection from government interference with their pro-life message.”

Supreme Court Rules Against Forcing Pro-Life Clinics To Advertise Abortion by Juliana Knot – “A California law requiring crisis life pregnancy centers (CPC) to promote abortion clinics alongside of their pro-life services was judged unconstitutional.”

NIFLA vs. Becerra – An Easy Decision That Deserved a Wider Majority by Warren Cole Smith & Roberto Rivera – “Based on oral arguments, yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was expected. But what was surprising, and a little disconcerting, was how close it was.” 

Why All Americans Can Celebrate The Supreme Court Ruling On Forced Abortion Advertising by Jessica Prol Smith – “Even Americans who call themselves pro-choice can celebrate the court’s decision to protect a woman’s freedom to choose motherhood.”

Unborn baby “punched to death by parents”


NIFLA v. Becerra’s Boost to Medical Conscience by Wesley J. Smith


Water: An Underappreciated Gift of the Creator by Avery Foley

The Christian Ideas That Gave Rise to Modern Science by Amy K. Hall


Ghetto Christianity by Abbot Tryphon – Food for thought from an Orthodox priest.

Miscarriage of justice by Pastor Mark Jeske

I hope her marriage is as good as mine by Jason Nelson


What are the Five Best Arguments Against Euthanasia? by Xavier Symons 

Euthanasia Hurts Palliative Care in Quebec by Wesley J. Smith

Fetal Development

Sound of mother’s voice boosts brain growth in premature babies

DC Pregnancy Center Helpers Celebrate What Their Hard-Won New Ultrasound Machine Can Offer Struggling Mothers by Juliana Knot – “When a mother sees an image of her little one, it is a miracle.”


Wales introduces home abortions

Worldview and Culture

Freedom to be faithful prevails at Supreme Court by Jonathan Lange

Free to be Faithful Newsletter – Summer 2018

You Want Religious Freedom? Take Off! – Sad Times in Canada by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Canada, our neighbor to the north, is at war… I’m not talking about the trade war. I’m talking about their fight against religious freedom.”

California Bill Would Ban Catholics From Teaching Their Kids The Catechism by Eileen Han – “Most discussion of the bill has focused on its potential ban of Bible sales. More likely, the bill will make religious education programs the target of ‘death by litigation.’”

The Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement by Bradley Mattes

No, Pro-Lifers Aren’t Racists Who Only Want To Save White Babies by Lyman Stone – “Progressive writer Rachel Held Evans claimed if pro-lifers knew that babies saved from outlawing abortion were black, we would probably be pro-choice.”

Leftist Librarians Denigrate Beloved Children’s Author by Culture Beat – “The gatekeepers of America’s libraries now claim Laura Ingalls Wilder’s writings were racist.”

Scrubbing Laura Ingalls Wilder Is A Dangerous Step Toward Ignorance by Holly Scheer – “Pretending things that make us uncomfortable never happened isn’t going to make America better, or make American children more informed.”

Librarians Airbrush Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Name from Award by John Fund

It’s Not Laura Ingalls Wilder Who Is Prejudiced, It’s The Librarians Smearing Her Legacy by Joy Pullman – “In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, her family shows entirely reasonable fear plus charitable, patient treatment of people whom long experience indicates may rape and scalp them. This is the opposite of racism. It is remarkable.”

A New Tax Provision Is Coming to a Church Parking Lot Near You by Susan Wright