January 9, 2012

Scripture for Today

Why This Pro-Choice Feminist is Now a Pro-Life Activist – By Maria Vitale

Record Number of Pro-Life Laws Passed by States in 2011

Video: A return to Haiti two years after earthquake stranded children in adoption limbo

Sex-Selection Abortion in India: War Against the Unwanted

Top Fifty Countries Where Christians Face the Most Persecution

Here’s a couple interesting article on Christian history that I received last week from Christianity.com:

Athanasius Listed Writings with Power to Help – Learn how the books of the Bible came to be compiled as we now know them.

Blind Louis Braille Gave Reading to the Blind – Lutherans For Life has once resource in Braille: Abortion and the Message of the Church: Sin or Salvation?. Call us at 888.364.LIFE to a free copy.

News to Note, January 7, 2012 – From Our friends at Answers in Genesis.