January 6, 2012

Scripture for Today

My Brother’s Valuable Life – Cal Thomas shares the story of his brother who had Down syndrome.

Goodbye Mama – Lynda Chavez shares the story of her mother.

Speak No Evil? – Is it brave not to talk about death? Rod Dreher with a moving article on the death of his sister.

The Latest CDC Abortion Figures – From Michael J. New at National Review.

5 best and worst biotechnology developments of 2011 from a pro-life perspective

The Rich Get Richer (If You Are Talking About Planned Parenthood) – By Steven Aden

Alan Colmes Shows How Abortion Destroys Respect for Life – Commentary from Kristan Hawkins at Students for Life.

Shock: 40% of New York pregnancies aborted

Unborn child just a “parasite”? Cutting edge science shows fetal cells heal mother for life

Common Myths About Adoption

Cat plays mean prank on kitten by giving her a “helping paw” – This just cracked me up.