January 5, 2012

Scripture for Today

God’s Stars Value Life – Another excellent devotional from our friends at Time of Grace.

Proposal in Great Britain: Allow assisted suicide for those with less than a year to live

Here is the response to this proposal from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children:

Assisted suicide report from Falconer’s stacked commission is worthless says SPUC

Planned Parenthood – St. Louis & the New Year’s Plan – Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Outrage of the Week

Blood money: Planned Parenthood gets $487M from taxes for 329,445 abortions

Abortion Group Promotes Law-Breaking and Obtaining Illegal Abortions

Abortion fund brags about covering rape, funding abortions for minors

Orphan Outreach urgently needs interns – Is this something that might interest you?

Video: What are some of the biggest obstacles pro-life students face? (from Students for Life)

Video: A Moving Story Told in 2 1/2 Minutes – As is written on the website, “This moving story requires no analysis.  Just gratitude to God for working in such remarkable ways—as He so often does through those willing to let the unexpected come.”

Video: LifeLine: Tackling Tourette Syndrome – I came across this video yesterday — a good story of the Church coming together to help a family in need. 

A story on Fox News this morning (Cambodia’s “Second Angkor” Temple Enshrouded in Mystery) reminded me of an organization that helps children: The Cambodian Children’s Fund. What stood out for me about this group was how it got started. It’s amazing where things can lead. From their website: 

It’s been seven years since Scott Neeson first set foot in Cambodia, and six since he moved to Phnom Penh. He originally came to Cambodia as part of a five-week backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, but found his life changed by the tableau of Steung Meanchey, and the desperate circumstances and unlikely courage of some of the country’s most impoverished children. 

After a 26 year-career in the film business, including tenure as president of 20th Century Fox International, where he oversaw the release and marketing of several of the top films of all time – ‘Braveheart,’ ‘Titanic,’ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘X-men’ – Scott left the industry to establish and personally oversee Cambodian Children’s Fund as Executive Director.