January 4, 2018


Why Elective Abortion Can Never Constitute Health Care by Timothy M. Jackson – “Intentionally killing a human being is a direct contradiction of the Hippocratic Oath. No mantra will change that.”

Planned Parenthood aborted 321,384 babies last year

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Student Defends Infanticide. Killing a 2-Year-Old Baby is Okay Because “It Can’t Communicate” by Steven Ertlelt


It Can’t Be Undone by Jason Nelson

Family Living

Video: Deaf Girl Finds Out She’s Going To Be A Big Sister

Worldview and Culture

This Theologian Has An Answer To Atheists’ Claims That Evil Disproves God by John Sweeney – “Taken at face value, the problem of evil appears to be a devastatingly convincing argument against the existence of the Christian God.”

Oregon Court Holds Bakers Responsible For How People Feel About What They Say by Jenna Ellis – “The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a $135,000 fine against the owners of a local cake shop who declined to use their artistic skills to create a custom cake for a same-sex wedding.”

Rather Than Banding Together “To Kill All Men” This Year, Women Should Learn To Love by Joy Pullman – “Just as we all can agree that I should not say ‘I’m going to kill you’ even if I don’t mean it, we should all also be able to agree that fostering an anti-male culture is bad for us all.”

The churches’ aversion and our need to fight by Jason Garwood

5 Ways to Get Into the Habit of Going to Church