January 30, 2017


Huge, Diverse Crowd Marches for Life in the Nation’s Capital Marchers by Alexandra Desanctis – “Tens of thousands from all walks of life descended on the National Mall to rally against abortion today.”

Watch Mia Love Bring People to Tears At The March For Life by Bre Payton – “Every time we kill a child through abortion, we kill our potential … Every time we kill a child, we, all of us suffer. We lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future.”

13 Things We Saw At The March For Life In Washington DC by Bre Payton

What Both DC Marches Agree On: Abortions Haven’t Been This Rare Since Roe v. Wade by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – “Pro-life and pro-choice advocates agree on data, disagree on causes.”

Roe v. Wade Is A “Jealous God” That Demands Blood And Generates Rage by Tom Neven – “The legacy of Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton is a 43-year flight from reason and a society and political system distorted almost beyond recognition.”

Why Abortion Kills A Person Even If You Don’t Think The Unborn Are People Yet by George Fields

The Surprisingly Positive Legacy of the Kermit Gosnell Case by Kelly Rosati – “How the worst of the abortion industry brought out the best of pro-life advocacy.”

Here’s A Primer On Pro-Life Responses To Common Counter-Arguments by Daniel Payne – “The ideas of the pro-life movement are much richer and more interesting than many commentators would have you believe.”

Swedish midwife fights for her conscience rights by Michael Cook


When Does Life Begin? by Melinda Penner


“Emergency contraception” can cause abortions, Big Pharma admits by Helen M. Alvaré – “And the US government too, though a Trump appointee was attacked for saying so.”


Dutch Euthanasia Authorities OK Apparent Murder by Wesley J. Smith

Nazi euthanasia victims honoured in Bundestag by Michael Cook

Family Living

Video: Heart to Heart: Parent conversations – January 2017 – “Looking for some new strategies to engage your children in worship services? Consider whether one of Lisa Uttech’s ideas may work for your family.”

Video: Father And Daughter Melt Hearts With Their “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” Duet 

Worldview and Culture

Who’s a pretty boy then? by Michael Cook – Extreme surgery to look like one’s parrots.

An old-now-new question: Should churches and other religious non-profits be tax-exempt? by Richard Ostling

Responding to National Geographic’s “Gender Revolution” by Avery Foley

This Is What Post-Christian Dissent Looks Like by David French