January 25, 2016


“Every Single One of Us”? by Mark Alexander

Abortion Supporters Misuse Words To Hide What’s Happening by Tom Neven – “Pro-choice means nothing. What’s important is what you choose, whether it’s good—or evil.”

Women Are Dying From Abortion but You Never Hear About It, Says OB-GYN by Samuel Smith

Roe v. Wade: The Shameful History of an Egregious SCOTUS Decision by Tami Jackson

Death and Life “two sides of the same coin” pro-abortion actress announces by Dave Andrusko

Actor Kelsey Grammer and wife attended the 2016 March for Life by John Jalsevac


The dark past of anonymous sperm donation by Michael Cook – “Few of the essentials have changed since the first recorded case in 1884.”

It’s Legal To Buy And Sell Children, As Long As They’re Small by Katie Schuermann – “Children created during in vitro fertilization can be disposed of for potential flaws, evaluated for ‘desirable’ characteristics, experimented upon, and bought and sold.”

Family Living

Physician to parents: You’re doing it wrong by Nicole Villalpando – “Family physician, psychologist and author Leondard Sax wants parents to know that they are “raising kids wrong.” 

Viral Photos Show Bride and Groom Surprising Grandma in the Hospital on Their Wedding Day by Emily Derois


Singer Matthew West Combats Abortion With Chilling New Song by Jeannie Law


Trump Is Popular Because Americans Don’t Want Conservative Change by Steve Berman

Worldview and Culture

Is Eternal Punishment Just? by Tim Barnett

Standing With God Against Abortion by Steve Berman

Christians, Conservatives, Men, and White People Are Not Responsible For Your Problems by John Hawkins

Half of us live on 1% of the Earth’s land by Marcus Roberts