January 17, 2019


March for Life 2019

Droves of pro-lifers will attest to uniqueness of pre-born life at 46th annual March for Life by Calvin Freiburger

New Poll Shows Most Americans Support Abortion Bans After The First Trimester by Liz Wolfe – “We’re nowhere near as extreme as pro-choice activists claim when it comes to abortion attitudes. Most of the population favors a moderate, nuanced approach.”

Women Won’t Be Liberated Until We’re Free From Abortion by Kaeley Triller Haver – “There is no reset button for abortion, and the unspoken costs have been devastating; abortion either breaks a woman’s heart, or it hardens it.”

8 Nonpartisan Reasons To Defund Planned Parenthood by Dustin Siggins – “Planned Parenthood engages in taxpayer waste, covering up sex abuse scandals, and hypocritical lobbying on issues of speech. Plus, it’s not needed.”


Babies Made-to-Order – America’s Fast-Food Embryo Industry by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “For most of human history, the mystery of life’s beginnings were tucked away inside the womb, safe from prying eyes and meddling hands. But in the last few decades, new technologies have changed all that.”


Twenty-Seven Euthanasia Killings at Ohio Hospital? by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Pathologizing Masculinity – The APA Diagnoses Men as the Problem by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “A new report on boys and men from the American Psychological Association reminded me, again, why worldview is so important. The report is the first of its kind from the APA, which has previously issued guidelines for girls and women, as well as for so-called ‘sexual minorities.’”

Blaming Masculinity Will Only Make The Male Crisis Worse by Michael Gurian – “While the American Psychological Association calls attention to male needs and crises, which I celebrate as a researcher and practitioner in the field, it then falls into an ideological swamp.”

How Our Anti-Boy Culture Affects Mothers Like Me by Melissa Langsam Braunstein – “How do you parent a boy when political grenades are constantly being lobbed at their entire sex, due to no fault of their own?”

Worry over kids’ excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before by Jean Twenge – “Smartphones and tablets are fundamentally different from television.”

Video: Dying Father Shares First Dance With Daughter At Her Wedding


Extreme Isle of Man abortion bill receives Royal Assent

Netherlands Investigates Pastors Who Publicly Affirmed Marriage by Ellie Bufkin – “The Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service is currently investigating whether the Nashville Statement violates Dutch discrimination laws.”

Movies – Television – Video

“Don’t Talk About Baby” Challenges the Silence About Stillbirth, Miscarriage, And Infertility by Helen Raleigh – “The documentary film explores the source of the cultural silence about the deaths of new and unborn babies, and how we can get away from it to bring families healing.”

Susan Boyle Earns First Golden Buzzer On America’s Got Talent

Sexual Purity

“Comprehensive sex education” undermines students’ moral development by Tapio Puolimatka – “They can’t differentiate between genuine love and sexual exploitation”


Satire from The Babylon Bee: Christian Just Voting For Whichever Political Party Less Likely To Make His Faith Illegal One Day

When all you can do is laugh — and pray by Steve Deace

Worldview and Culture

Is It a Sin to Miss Church? by Adriel Sanchez

Why You Should Seek God When You Feel Lonely? by Lydia Brownback

Nine Reasons Why Some People Abandon Christianity (And How to Talk to Them about God) by Hannah Osborne

96-Year-Old World War II Veteran’s Only Birthday Wish Comes True