January 15, 2018


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece: “My Uncle Would Have Been Very Pro-Life” by Rachel Del Guidice

How To Close Abortion Facilities From The Inside Out by Abby Johnson

Justin Trudeau is passionate about abortion. Is it because his mom aborted his half-sibling? by Jonathon Van Maren

Trudeau dismisses allegations of persecution: Pro-life Groups “Not in Line with Where We Are as a Society”

Roe v. Wade’s damage to women: “The grief comes out of nowhere” by Cassy Fiano

Video: Ben Shapiro destroys another common argument for abortion by Kelli

Meet Triplets Saved Just In Time From Chinese Abortion Threat by Jay Hobbs


Family Adopts After God Touches Their Hearts


Millennial women say enough is enough by Bradley Mattes


Restoring Grandpa by Rev. Ken Klaus

Is It Your Dream Too? by Pastor Mark Jeske

Family Living

Video: Big Brother Comforts Sick Baby Sister


6 Hymns That Have Been Teaching You Bad Theology by Mike Leake – What are your thoughts?

Sexual Purity

Why despair, not pleasure, is the biggest driver of today’s sex scandals by Nancy Pearcey

Worldview and Culture

Do Americans Still Believe In Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream? by David Marcus – “The passage of time has made us wonder if Martin Luther King’s dream of a healed nation was maybe just that: a fantasy.”

Commentary: “Life and breath and everything” by Gregory P. Seltz

Top 10 worst places for a Christian to live in 2018 by Tola Mbakwe

Millennials Can Leave Evangelicalism. But Not Its Pop Culture by Morgan Lee – “Does the cottage industry around Christian subculture nostalgia reveal the church’s failures—or its successes?”

Man who inherits Nat Turner’s Bible feels burden of history by Brian Gaffney

Is it even possible to become a farmer in Minnesota today? by Doug Grow