January 10, 2018


More Than 1 Million Babies Have Already Been Killed in Abortions Worldwide This Year by Micaiah Bilger

University of Minnesota Professor Promotes Killing Disabled Babies: “Time to Support Eugenic Abortion” by Amanda Lord

“Abortion Is Sacred, a Blessing, Life-Saving”? Controversial Billboard Campaign Launches in Ohio by Stoyan Zaimov

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Killing 7.6 Million Babies in Abortions by Katie Yoder

Abortion prices went up, wait times went down in 2017: report by Cheryl Sullenger

The New York Times’ Selective Outrage About Murder Victims Will Sicken You by Margot Cleveland – “If international norms should tell, the United States should join the rest of the developed world and agree to reject this cruel and pointless practice. Right?”


Be a Good Manager for God by Pastor Mark Jeske


Hidden problems with the Oregon assisted suicide law uncovered by Alex Schadenberg

Oregon’s Permissive Assisted Suicide Regime by Wesley J. Smith

Jewish care home blasts doctor for “sneaking in and killing someone” by euthanasia

Family Living

Video: Quadruplets Cannot Stop Hugging Each Other

Fetal Development

Babies Versus Viability by Judie Brown

Movies – Television – Video

Pure Flix Releases Official “Samson” Trailer by Jeannie Law

The Golden Globe’s #MeToo Moment Just Didn’t Work by D.C. McAllister – “Celebrities were standing in solidarity against sexual harassment and lack of gender parity, but it rang hollow. Hollywood has been exposed for what it is.”

Sexual Purity

America’s Next Bright Idea: Abandoning Monogamy by Peter Heck

Christians Were Right About this Sex Stuff, but it’s No Time to Gloat by Peter Heck

Worldview and Culture

Resolve to Pray for Life in 2018 – Expect the Lord to Answer by John Stonestreet & Stan Guthrie – “Most of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions rather quickly. But here’s one that I hope you’ll keep—for life.”

When Did We Become the Weird Ones? by Rev. Evan McClanahan

Russell Moore: We Are Living in a Pre-Christian, Not Post-Christian Society by Stoyan Zaimov

Should Christians Ever Offend Anyone? by Jeremy Ham – “Clearing Up Misconceptions”

Sealing Biblical History – Archaeology and the Old Testament by Eric Metaxas & Roberto Rivera – “Once again, a little digging in the Holy Land has unearthed a major find, and another confirmation of biblical history.”

The Tragic True Story Behind Titantic’s Cuddling Lovers by Rose Minutaglio – “The couple’s great-grandson opens up about their haunting love story.”

The Eleanor Rigbys of the world are health time bombs by Michael Cook – “Prepare for a loneliness epidemic”