February 28, 2020


Abortion Survivor Has Saved Tens of Thousands of Babies From Abortion by Micaiah Bilger

My Daughter Had The Same Diagnosis As Zara Dawson’s Son. Abortion Wasn’t The Answer by Sarah St. Onge – “While we recognize Zara Dawson’s son would most likely have passed away after birth, to ignore the fact she had a hand in the ultimate violence towards him is disingenuous.” 

Supporting Moms and Babies Post Roe by Bradley Mattes

UK mother recalls how she cradled her son after he survived the late- term abortion intended to kill him

Viral TikTok Shows Teenage Girls Giggling While One Gets An Abortion by Chrissy Clark


New York To Consider Allowing Men To Commission Babies From Rented Wombs by Kaeley Triller Haver – “Third-party reproductive efforts are increasingly normalizing a build-a-baby culture that encourages people to commission designer babies in much the same way they would commission designer handbags.”

Heartbroken Dad Of Trans Teen Breaks Gag To Beg For End Of ‘State-Sponsored Child Abuse’ by Jeremiah Keenan – “‘I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason,’ Rob Hoogland says.”


Common Misconceptions About Creation by Dr. Dana Sneed

End of Life

52 people killed in first six months of assisted suicide programme in Victoria Australia


Media Labels ‘Born Alive’ Senate Bill As ‘Abortion Restriction’ by Madeline Osburn

California forces Catholic nuns to fund abortion

Worldview and Culture

Gay Marriage Was Always Leading To Polygamy by David Marcus – “The Utah state Senate voted this week unanimously to decriminalize polygamy. It is a development every social conservative saw coming. ربح المال مجانا

Atheism: No moral Difference between Adolf Hitler and Corrie Ten Boom’s Family by Gary DeMar

5 Ways The Left Steals Childhood by Georgi Boorman – “The message our children are getting as the culture lurches leftward is clear: there’s no truth, no God, no hope, and no forgiveness.”