February 22, 2018


Video: What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood by Publius – “Imagine there’s an organization that claims to stand for one thing, but actually stands for another.”

Brothers and sisters of aborted children suffer by Kristi Burton Brown

“If a baby can’t be safe in his mother’s womb ….?” by Dave Andrusko


Government diminishes the adoption option by Bradley Mattes

Family Living

40 Percent of US Pregnancies Out of Wedlock, “Shotgun” Marriages Have Plummeted: Report by Brandon Showalter


Christian charity urges dads to witness birth of children by Eno Adeogun


Video: Girl Plays Fiddle For Children Who’ve Never Heard One

Sexual Purity

There’s No Such Thing as Meaningless Sex by Nate Jackson – “News flash: Men and women are different, and different things meet their different needs.”

Worldview and Culture

‚ÄčMobile ECMO support helps patients’ lungs recover after an emergency by Matt Wood – A story about former Lutherans For Life President Diane Schroeder.

Concordia College Alabama to close at end of spring semester by Blake Deshazo