February 17, 2020


From Supporting Abortion to Not Opposing Infanticide by Wesley J. Smith

When it Comes to Abortion: Human Rights Begin When Human Life Begins, At Conception by Fr. Frank Pavone

LCMS members march for life with ‘a message of forgiveness for all’ by Stacey Egger

Late term abortion for UK children with down’s syndrome doubles in past 10 years

This dad begged for the life of his 7-month-old unborn son. His ex aborted anyway by Jeanne Smits

State-sponsored funeral given to 2,411 babies found dead on abortionist’s property by Dorothy Cummings McLean

Officials Find Hundreds of Aborted Babies Thrown Into a Septic Tank by Micaiah Bilger


The Blessings of Adoption by Kay L. Meyer

After the Abortion

Woman’s Powerful Story: I Never Thought Jesus Would Forgive Me For Aborting My Baby, But He Did by Katie Yoder

Also see Word of Hope.


Parents Who Refuse ‘Gender-Affirming’ Treatments Castigated as ‘Neglectful’ by Wesley J. Smith

End of Life

Dutch euthanasia clinic saw an “alarming” 22% rise in suicide requests last year

Orphan Care

13 children killed in Christian orphanage fire in Haiti

Worldview and Culture

Two Lessons from Kobe’s Death by Peter Heck

Bullying in the congregation by Heidi Goehmann

We’re In an Ideological War That Could Have Grave Consequences Unless Christians Step Up by Gary DeMar

What Is A Woman? – Two Marches, Contradictory Catechisms by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris

KFUO’s ‘Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge’ podcast a ‘much-needed’ space for Lutheran women by Cheryl Magness