February 15, 2018


7 Ways Planned Parenthood Breaks Hearts Every Day by Nicole Russell – “Donating to an organization that proudly aborts babies is far more heartbreaking than a Planned Parenthood fundraising prank about Mike Pence.”

Planned Parenthood Sues for the Right to Abort Babies Just Because They Have Down Syndrome by Steven Ertelt

Cecile Richards: Force Christian Doctors and Nurses to Perform Abortions by Steven Ertelt 

Missing in India: 63 million women by Jonathan Abbamonte – “More than 11 million of these, owing to sex-selective abortion.”


Suicide World by Wesley J. Smith

Coming Soon? Non-Voluntary Euthanasia/Organ Harvesting? by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

When babies save mothers’ lives by Brad Mattes

Movies – Television – Video

Video: Scenes From The Classic Kids Say The Darndest Things

Worldview and Culture

This Is How Religious Liberty Really Dies by David French – “Cultural pressures are a much greater threat to the faithful than the government.”

Protecting religious freedoms in a same sex marriage state is asking the impossible by Andrew Mullins – “What fairy dust can make same-sex marriage a family-friendly institution?”

WATCH: Tim Tebow Stuns Reporters with Perfect Explanation Of Fulfilling One’s Vocation by Bre Payton – “I want my life to be so much more than that”

NRLC Welcomes the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty by Carol Tobias