February 12, 2018


Lutheran University Holding Event With Planned Parenthood Where Women Brag About Their Abortions by Micaiah Bilger

How Samantha Saved Baby Giselle With A Pill Reversal After Three Abortion Attempts by Jay Hobbs – “One of 400 mothers and counting to have saved the life of their unborn children in the past five years, Samantha welcomed her daughter into the world this December.”

Billboards are making a comeback by Brad Mattes

“I truly hate these people”: Disgraced FBI agents trashed pro-lifers, wanted to stop March for Life by Fr. Mark Hodges


Video: Little Girl Asks Man To Officially Be Her Dad

After the Abortion

Loose Women star reveals trauma of miscarriage after abortion


Want to hang out? by Rev. Mark Jeske

Not a Jot by Rev. Ken Klaus

Two Points About Death (Point Number One) by Rev. Ken Klaus


And Then There Were Three by Stacey Lennox

Family Living

Mom of Girl with Facial Deformity Fights Twitter Troll Who Used Her Daughter’s Picture

Know These Signs Of Domestic Abuse So You Can Help Yourself And Others by Holly Scheer – “While we can’t know the truth about Rob Porter, this is an opportunity to examine how abuse can hide in plain sight and how to help someone in an abusive relationship.”

Fetal Development

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” Claims an Unborn Baby Right After Conception is Not a Human Being by Steven Ertelt

Pro-Life, Pro-Science – How Advances Lift the Curtain on Roe by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “One side of the political aisle likes to paint itself as pro-science. But when it comes to this most controversial social issue, science won’t toe their party line.”

4 Ways Moms And Their Children Remain Physically Bonded For Life by Jonathan Lange – “Every mother is a chimera made up of her own genetic cells living side by side with the cells of every child she has ever carried.”

Movies – Television – Video

John Mahoney was “moral core” on “Frasier”; maybe his Catholic faith was relevant in obits? by Terry Mattingly


Libs Flood Brooks on Abortion by Tony Perkins

States Passed More Than 50 Pro-Life Laws in 2017 to Save Babies From Abortion by Catherine Glenn Foster

Audio: How Did Abortion Become A Monopartisan Issue?

Sexual Purity

Cohabiting boomers by Rev. Mark Jeske

How Magazines Like Seventeen Get Away With Pumping Oversexed Propaganda by Holly Scheer – “Magazines like Seventeen can tout sexually explicit nail designs and not lose readers, because conservative magazines fail on a key selling point.”

Young mums: “It’s down to parents to “sit down and talk properly and openly with their children” about sex

Worldview and Culture

Bible Thumping Pro-life Fundamentalists by Mike Adams

Intolerance in Full Swing at School Dance by Tony Perkins

Summary Study Finds Biological, Sex-Based Origins For How Children Express Gender by Nicole Russell – “A meta-analysis published in the Infant and Child Development Journal found gender isn’t just a social construct, but has its basis in a ‘biological origin.’”

How Shall They Hear? by Rev. Alan Ludwig (his latest well worth reading newsletter about ministry in Siberia, Russia)

Nick Foles has won the Super Bowl, now he wants to become a pastor by Marcus Jones

Meet the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome; his name is Lucas! by Terri Peters

Bright Spot: Gerber Picks Boy With Down Syndrome As 2018 Gerber Baby by Nicole Russell – “The choice is important, and it’s nice to see a company value all life, not just the lives of babies who look like portraitures.”