February 1, 2013

Scripture for Today

Jesse Jackson was Right by Steve Deace – Lots of quotable–and surprising–quotes.

Leaning Forward But Knocked Back: Pro-Lifer Rocks MSNBC Interview by Ryan Bomberger

The Abortionist Saints of Sundance by Brent Bozell 

Crony Contraception by David Catron – “Why the HHS is fighting so hard to enforce the anti-conscience mandate.”

To Be A Girl In This Culture by Ron Dreher – Hard to read, but it does offer an insight into what kids and parents are dealing with these days.

Protestants and Abortion by Mark Tooley – “Southern Baptists have changed their mind about Roe. When will United Methodists join them?”

The ‘Pansi-fication’ of the Male Left by Kevin McCullough 

Warnings and Wisdom from Presidents Past by William J. Federer

Exposing scientism by John G. West

Why men fight by Robert R. Reilly – “Will women in front-line combat duty change the way men behave in combat?”

How to be a real life action hero by Kevin Sorbo – Some good thoughts from the actor who played Hercules on TV for many years.

Russian Adoption News:

50% of Russians Support Adoption Ban, Poll Says – And yet, very few Russians are open to adopting, especially older children–the children most affected by the ban on adoption.

Russians Not Lining Up to Adopt Americans by Jonathan Earle

Russia’s Underpopulation Problems Behind Foreign Adoption Ban by Paul Kengor