December 9, 2011

Scripture for Today

Wesley J. Smith: Obama Adm. Right to Require Morning After Pill Prescription for Minors

A Hospice in the Womb – Carolyn Moynihan says, “When prenatal diagnosis brings bad news about their child, parents deserve a real choice of paths. Happily, there is a beautiful option available.”

Study Showing Abortion Hurts Women’s Mental Health Attacked

Claim that abortion doesn’t harm mental health dismissed as “predictable assertion” – From the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Major study on abortion/mental health risk under attack, but criticisms baseless

Study Claiming European Pro-Life Laws Don’t Work Has Big Flaws

I don’t know how many, if any, minds are changed by the various studies related to abortion.

Graphic images ignite abortion debate in UK: abortionist network calls pro-lifers “immoral” – What do you think of the use of graphic images?

Five Pro-Abortion Women Celebrities Pro-Lifers Should Boycott

Five Pro-Abortion Male Celebrities Pro-Lifers Should Boycott

Whether you are into boycotts or not, it is good to be aware of what’s out there in the popular culture. Most of these people reach millions with their TV shows, books, movies, and magazines.

Planned Parenthood art exhibit combines children’s art with graphic sex

Audio: 4th Century Bishop of Myra, St. Nicholas, with Dr. Gene Edward Veith, 12/5/11 – An interview from Issues, Etc. (December 6 is the day that St. Nicholas is commemorated on the church year calendar.)

Young people losing hope in Russia