December 8, 2011

Scripture for Today

Planned Parenthood is Back With “Choice on Earth” Campaign

Canada Should Not Allow Euthanasia as It Approved Abortion – By Mark Pickup, a powerful spokesman For Life. 

Argentinean province officially declares itself “pro-life” – It is one province in one country, but good news nonetheless.

Chuck Asay editorial cartoon on legal and illegal public displays

For Christian Men: The Lessons of Herman Cain – By Albert Mohler.

Johnny Depp Lends Voice to Blasphemous Christmas Song – Awful.

Simpson College Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob – This happened down in Des Moines, about 45 miles from the LFL Life Center.

Village People – Time to rethink the wisdom of withholding judgement – An interesting read on small town life.

Treasure trove of iconic photos in Pa. mine – This isn’t a life issue story, but it is interesting for anyone interested in photography, movies, or who works with stock photos and layout and design.