December 5, 2018


Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen: Aborting Babies “is the Right Thing to Do” by Steven Ertelt

Unwanted abortion “broke my heart,” post-abortion father says by Sarah Terzo


China halts “shocking and unacceptable” gene edited babies experiment

China Turns Against “Rogue” Gene Engineer by Wesley J. Smith

It Will Take Years To Reap The Whirlwind Sown By Genetically Altered Babies by Paul C. Binotto – “Last week, a Chinese researcher said he helped create the world’s first gene-edited babies, in an effort to make them less susceptible to AIDS. Scientists responded in an uproar.”

Crisis Pregnancy

10 Remarkable Reasons to Thank a Pregnancy Center by Katie Franklin


How Death Can Make Us Wiser by Mike Brummel

Heaven Is Not Your Final Destination by Michael Horton

Family Living

Lessons For Everyone From Mommy Blogger Katie Bower Tracking Her Kids’ Social Media Likes by Holly Scheer – “Katie Bower recently used her social media platform to lament that one of her five children gets fewer ‘likes’ than the others.”

Fetal Development

Babies kicking in the womb are making mental maps of their bodies


Working for Life in Israel by Bradley Mattes

Sexual Purity

Lutheran Pastor Melts Down Christian Purity Rings To Create a Vagina Statue by Steven Ertelt

Worldview and Culture

How Suffering Reveals Your True Self by Paul David Tripp

Should Christians Abandon Christmas by Sinclair B. Ferguson

Brother, Who Art Thou? – The Family of the Child Who Loved the World by James M. Kushiner

Major Publisher’s Newest High School Catalog Is All About Leftist Indoctrination by Josh Herring – “Penguin Random House thinks this is what will sell to the mainstream educator market. If they are right, children are not learning the actual history of humanity, nor from those who write well.”

Declining U.S. Life Expectancy Reflects Cultural Depravity by Jordan Candler – “We are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable.”