December 27, 2011

Scripture for Today

Quote from Thomas Sowell: In recent times, Christmas has brought not only holiday cheer but also attacks on the very word “Christmas,” chasing it from the vocabulary of institutions and even from most “holiday cards.” Like many other social crusades, this one is based on a lie — namely that the Constitution puts a wall of separation between church and state. It also shows how easily intimidated we are by strident zealots.

Young Evangelicals leaving church, going liberal, new book says

21-Year-Old Man Wakes From Coma Before Doctors Take Organs

Tide is Turning on Abortion, Pro-Life Movement is Winning

Sing Praises to “A Christmas Carol” – A summary of various movie adaptations. The author is right. The 1951 version is outstanding.

Christmas — Amidst Despair, Great Hope – By Quin Hillyer.

Chuck Colson – Sex-Selection Abortions in the U.S. – The Myth of “Choice”

Prenatal Nondiscrimination – Pro-choicers put on the spot as never before

Court: New Jersey Nurses Don’t Have to Assist in Abortions

Court orders gynecologist to pay parents who would have aborted disabled daughter

News to Note, December 24, 2011 – From our friends at Answers in Genesis.

God is pro-choice: a pro-life Christmas reflection

If life begins at conception, why wouldn’t we celebrate the Incarnation instead of Christmas? – Lutherans For Life has a number of resources to help observe the Annunciation. Click here to learn more. 

Unborn son’s struggle inspires Christian singer

Woman Lies Upside Down for Three Months to Avoid Miscarriage

The U.S is Backward on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Men: Is It OK to Fantasize? – Commentary from Alex Murashko.

Does Anyone in the Media Ever Read the Bible?

Video: Queen celebrates family in her Christmas Day message – The Queen shares a nice message with Biblical references. The disappointing and disturbing part in the article is toward the end when reference is made to alternative Christmas messages. They can’t just leave well enough alone.