December 23, 2015


There Are No Do-Overs with Abortion by Maria Gallagher

Further reflections on the baby who survived Anna Yocca’s attempted coat-hanger abortion by Dave Andrusko

Elle Magazine Upset Ultrasound Image Looks “Like a Baby” Instead of an “Actual Pregnancy” by Katie Yoder

Obama refuses to investigate Planned Parenthood by Fr. Mark Hodges


Biotech Promise Breakers by Wesley J. Smith


Child euthanasia proposal in Canada is warning to UK, says SPUC Pro-Life

Sexual Purity

Planned Parenthood Says Hiding HIV From Sex Partners Is A “Right” by Kimberly Ellis – “The International Planned Parenthood Federation says HIV-positive people’s ‘right’ to have sex should trump their sexual partners’ right to live.”

Worldview and Culture

Ken Ham Slams Richard Dawkins’ 5 Steps to Disprove God Claim by Stoyan Zaimov

Wheaton Is Right: The Christian And Muslim Gods Are Different by Matthew Cochran – “Wheaton College was entirely right to put a professor on administrative leave for claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same god.”

Video: Naughty Or Nice by Face to Face