December 14, 2012

Scripture for Today

Joseph of Nazareth Meets Planned Parenthood by Russell D. Moore

PASTOR: “WIMPY” Won’t Cut It In Culture War by Charlie Butts   

SCOTUS and Marriage – What We Can Do by John Stonestreet – “So, the Supreme Court is going to weigh in on so-called same-sex marriage. What does that mean for the country, and for the Church?” 

The Court of Public Opinion – Why We Must Win by John Stonestreet – “Legal victories are critical to protecting constitutional rights. But there’s a far more important court we need to win, or our freedom as Christians will be in serious trouble.”

Raising Kids the World will Hate by Adam Griffin – Whether you agree with everything in article, or not, there is much to think about.

GOP advisers: Redefining marriage is “common sense” – With friends like these …

Today was a horrible day in Connecticut. Pastor Mark Jeske, of Time of Grace, sent out this prayer earlier this afternoon.

Dear heavenly Father,

Your all-seeing eyes have witnessed much terrible human cruelty over the centuries, and today you and we had to witness all over again how deeply Satan has his hooks in the human race. How monstrous that an armed man should have forced innocent people in an elementary school to be part of his anger drama. How crushed are the hearts of parents who lost their children today in what was supposed to be a safe place. لعبة قمار حقيقية How long their grief will be. Our hearts are with them today and will be tomorrow too.

Lord Jesus, you came to this broken world to be broken yourself. You wept at the graves of people you loved. Your human heart resonates with human grief. You know our sadness because you too are sad today. What great hope your first coming and your physical resurrection give us. You came to bring forgiveness of sins and immortality to all, and all who believe it have it. For the Connecticut families, for all the responders, and for all people who are experiencing death right now, we pray that the hope of resurrection in Jesus brings comfort to broken hearts.

Holy Spirit, let your Word move at this time. روليت مجاني Let Christians share hope and comfort, and may all those whose lives were invaded by death remember and believe the Scripture’s bold promises that our Redeemer lives. We eagerly look forward to the time when death itself will have to die and we will never be separated again. العاب للايفون In the meantime, bring comfort and hope to sad families, and somehow use this dreadful disaster to work some good and advance your saving agenda.

It is only through Jesus’ name that we can bring such huge requests to your throne. Amen.