December 14, 2011

Scripture for Today

From Lutheran Church Charities

Pastor Phil Ressler of Lord of Life LaFox Seeks Help for ‘Miracle’ Child in His Congregation – We have a family at our church that has a special need for their daughter. We at Lord of Life have raised almost half the money they need but they are still in need of some more funds by the end of the year.

Meagan Seals is a miracle of God. While still in the womb, Meagan was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Encephalocele where the brain is formed outside the skull. The Seals were told to have an abortion as children with this condition are not expected to live.

By the grace of God and the amazement of doctors, Meagan was born into this world. But even after her birth, the doctors did not expect her to live and put her in hospice care. It was at this time I had to privilege to baptize her and after she was baptized she began to thrive.

Click here to see a YouTube video from a story done on CBS 2 Chicago about Meagan

Today, Meagan is two years old. She still faces many challenges.

Meagan’s parents want to get a infant wheel chair for Meagan. The chair is designed to support her spine and to help her sit up. Insurance will cover most of the expenses for this chair. However, the Seals still need to come up with $2000 by the end of the year.

If you are interested in following Meagan’s story on Facebook you can “Like” her at “Meagan Seals Miracle Baby.”

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Hard Times and Liberalism’s Dream of a Painless World – Author Michael Knox Beran says “In his devotion to the pursuit of happiness, modern man has forgotten how to suffer.” What do  you think?