December 12, 2011

Scripture for Today

The Teening of America – Gerald Nachman on the terminal adolescence of much of our culture.

Powerful Pro-Life Film Features Story of Abortion Survivor

Fetal Cells Cross Placenta, Stay With Pregnant Mom for Life

Ethical Stem Cell Research Shows Most Promise for Patients – Very exciting news regarding adult stem cell research.

What Christian Orphans In India Can Teach Our American Youth – A wonderful story from Michael Brown.

News to Note 12/10/11– News and commentary from our friends at Answers in Genesis.

The worst sexualisation of children is happening in schools – From Lynette Burrows, an author on children’s rights, family campaigner and mother of six children.

Stem Cell Transplant Patients at Greater Risk for Long-Term Health Problems

Pro-Abortion Web Site Promotes Back-Alley Abortions