December 11, 2014


How Not to Argue about Abortion by Ramesh Ponnuru – “A dissection of Adam Gopnik”

The 10 worst pro-abortion phrases by Kristi Burton Brown

The Right to Life and a Culture of Marriage by Ryan T. Anderson & Sarah Torre – “Unborn children have a right to life and also to a mother and a father.”

Pro-Abortion Web Site: Even if Unborn Babies Feel Pain, Kill Them in Excruciating Abortions by Sarah Zagorski

Forced abortion should be remembered as a Nazi crime: Holocaust panel by Ben Johnson

Free speech and abortion by Robert Colquhoun


Abandoned babies and the missing adoption option by Kristan Dooley – “Women who feel unable to raise their own child need this humane alternative.”


Assisted Suicide What begins in compassion seems to end in eugenics by Andrew Coyne

Assisted Suicide: Lack of Safeguards and Physicians Opposition by Doreen M. Ciancaglini

Fetal Development

10 amazing things that happen to babies before birth by Kristi Burton Brown

A “More Fetally Aware Society” by Dave Andrusko


Planned Parenthood: “We Want to Make” Pro-Life Candidates “Unacceptable” by Katie Yoder

Is Belief In God Required to Hold Office in America? by Jake MacAulay

Sexual Purity

Time for a New Sexual Revolution – Enough Campus Craziness by John Stonestreet – “With colleges soon to go on winter break, let’s take a look at the carnage on these front lines of the sexual revolution.”

Worldview and Culture

The “Person of the Year” this year and every year by Dave Andrusko

This and That

Toys Out Of Trash: Boone County Men Profit Nothing But Joy by Andy Fales